Scuba Divers and Diving Instructors: Join the DIVE PATROL

The Dive Patrol is a membership, educational, scuba instructional organization whose members have passed basic in-water scuba skills examinations and written tests to become diver members (minimum age 15), and who have passed leadership-specific watermanship tests and written exams to become Instructor Assistants, or Divemasters, or Scuba Instructors (minimum age 18).

Members are “on patrol” when they are at dive sites (above and below the surface), traveling to and from dive sites, attending formal squadron meetings, speaking before interested civic groups, and anywhere they may find themselves.

The aim of Dive Patrol, through their local squadrons, is to provide training in scuba diving skills to scuba students, to be spokespersons for the general scuba diving population, and to train Dive Patrol Instructor Assistants, Divemasters, and Instructors. Dive Patrol members (divers and instructors) are responsible for maintaining the high level of quality instruction that is the backbone and basis of the organization.

If diving with others who share your outlook on diving is important to you, then consider becoming a member of the DIVE PATROL.

That’s what I want. Sign me up!  

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